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Strategic Planning & Strategy Alignment

Progressive organizations are always moving in one direction – forward. Start with your direction. Next, ensure executive team alignment with that strategic direction. Finally, take action and ensure accountability.

Establishing a clear direction whether it be on a business level or on a manager level within your organization is the first step to good leadership and successful achievement of business goals.

Attracting, Selecting and Retaining Talent

Great people work for great leaders at great organizations. Attracting great people to your great organization requires an aligned people strategy.

It starts with understanding what you need now and what you will need in the future. Next how will you attract those great people you need? How will you ensure they are a great fit for your great firm? Finally, how will you keep them for the long term?

The right people in the right roles can be your most appreciating asset.


Team Dynamics & Effectiveness

Great people, work on great teams with great leaders at great organizations. What do your “A -Teams” look like? How can we figure out the “secret sauce?” How can we replicate the recipe?

Creating diverse teams with a unique set of skills and then helping them to capitalize on their dynamics is key to providing learning opportunities while managing the social dynamics of the players and achieving the desired outcome.

Engagement & Unleashing Talent Potential

Science informs us that corporate culture, team chemistry, immediate supervisor/manager, and job all have critical roles to play in how engaged an employee will be.

How would you describe your culture? How are your leaders wired to inspire their people? Do they want to? Do they know how? How are you going to get them from ok to good to great?

Looking to build more trust? Trying to strengthen your leadership bench? Want to grow leaders not just managers? Better managers mean better work for a better world.

Competency Assessment & Development

If we accept that the right people can be one of your most appreciating assets, how do you ensure an ROI on your people? What talents, skills and experiences do they bring to your business? What can you realistically expect to change and grow, and what does the evidence tell us is unlikely to change all that much?

Figuring out where to best invest time and money to develop great people can be challenging. When a person moves from an individual contributor to a leader of others it is important to do more than simply place them into a role and hope for their success. It means understanding the specifics of each leadership transition, and providing them with both the job-related skills and leadership competencies necessary to succeed.

Building a Legacy, Succession Planning & Executive Coaching

Anchored in Halifax Nova Scotia, our team brings science data and experience together to impact your organization. With more than 20 years of leadership and consulting experience and a passion for family enterprises, we are your partner in helping you and your business achieve its greatest potential.

Our goal is to help you move in one direction – towards your goals. Looking to begin with an end in mind? Want to connect your people strategy to your business strategy? Looking to leave an enduring family legacy?

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